Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Running in more ways than one

I am tired of my spare tire, but I don't want to really stop eating so I need to exercise. Before my skiing accident I had been up to running 3 miles 3 days a week. I have finally got back into the groove and am running again. I ran today and I think I ran about 2.4 miles. My feet and ankles are hurting tonight but I am building up my endurance, which is a good thing. I am attempting to run one day, bike the next.

Work has been very exciting the last couple of days as I have been working in the psychiatric unit with the craziest of the crazy inmates. I find myself saying "man, that guy is a real nutcase" alot, then I chuckle and think that is what they are there for. God please continue to call the hearts of these men despite their evil acts and thoughts. Help me to be Your hands in this dark place for them, shine through me as You see fit.

This seems to be one of those days that in the past I would think because I hadn't spent much time reading the Bible or praying that God was angry with me. I am confident in the Lord's love for me and His desire to have my heart. I look forward to knowing Him deeper than I do now. I have a hunger for the things of Him. Truly my flesh wants to rule but I trust/have faith in God.
My eyes are heavy as I type, so I bid adeu.


Anonymous said...

Go, Scott, go! :)RAH

Anonymous said...

Go Frank!! Oh, but for the days of lemon-pepper salad and baked chicken breasts (from Aldi's of course) and 2 hours of racquetball 4 times a week.

scottgriffith22 said...

Awww Bip! Thanks for commenting Frank. Look forward to seeing you guys soon.