Saturday, October 18, 2008

2008 Wildcat Duathlon

This morning, I participated in the Wildcat Duathlon. This was a real fun event and one that I knew that I wouldn't be competitive in, but I ran and biked as hard as I could. I finished the first two miles in 15:58, took about a minute at the transition point and headed out for the bike ride. The bike course was hilly (in my opinion). I was riding a Trek 7.3 Fx. which is not geared like a road bike. I started out strong but many people passed me on the bike ride. It took me 52 minutes to ride 12 miles. By the time we got to the last leg, I was fairly far back. My legs felt like bricks and jello but I was able to pass about 10 people on the second two mile run and finished at 1:26:12. I feel pretty good for that time, considering it was my first race.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

2008 Sunshine Run

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We loaded up the family this morning and headed for the St. John's Sunshine Run. Emily and her friend Jade ran the Murney 5k and ran along with them until the finish. They finished at 26:11 and placed 4th and 5th in their age division. I changed clothes and watched some of my friends and family come in, then headed for the starting line. I lined up hoping to run a 8 minute pace which would have put me in around 49 minutes and some change. I set my GPS watch to buddy mode and set the pace around 8. About half way through the run I was feeling the strain, but was determined not to slow down. When I rounded the corner in the last 200m I saw the clock showed 47:30 so I let out a "yahoo!" and put it in high gear to finish with a time of 48:05 which crushed my PR from last year (52:39). Hopefully I will use this to propel me to a nice PR for the Bass Pro Shops Half-Marathon.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Recently I have been considering becoming a multi-sport recreational athlete. I have been running for two years now and have a firm grasp on running. My quest for more speed has led to me losing about 8 pounds since a year ago. I am currently at 171 and hoping to get between 160 and 165. I will be running the Bass Pro Shops Half-Marathon on November 2. I am hoping to really smash my PR of 1:58:05(Personal Record for those of you scoring at home).
I have recently purchased a bike (Trek 7.3fx) and have been getting interested in riding. I have rode about 30 miles total on it so far. I am considering participating in a duathlon on October 18th which consists of a 2 mile run, 12 mile bike ride and another 2 mile run.