Friday, June 12, 2009

A great friend.

When I was 9 years old, I met a boy named Jimmy Jarvis. He was a very nice kid and we struck up an immediate friendship. For the next three years of school at Forest Park Elementary, we were the best of friends spending a lot of time together. His family invited me on camping/fishing trips. I spent countless Friday nights at his house. Jimmy and I were kindred spirits. In the summer of 1983, we moved away and it would be 6 years before I would see Jimmy again. Fast forward to May of 1989, I had just graduated high school and was heading to my grandparents house to visit. I called Jimmy and went by and saw him. We spent a couple of hours reconnecting and I went on my way. He was heading off to college at MU and I was moving on with my life in the Army Reserve and then college at Southwest Missouri State. Life happened over the next 20 years and we, like many people, lost touch. Thanks to the miracle of Facebook, I found Jimmy a week ago and was able to visit him this afternoon. He has a lovely wife and two great sons. I must say that Jimmy is one of those friends that I will always treasure. I look forward to spending more time with Jimmy and his family and hope to not let so much time go by between visits.
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