Sunday, November 26, 2006

What a week for running

The weather has been beautiful here in the Springfield metro area and thus it has been great for running. On Thanksgiving I ran in the 12th annual Turkey Trot to benefit the Ozark's Food Harvest and the Developmental Center of the Ozarks.
They had a record 3300 participants and this time I received an official time of 25:42 which is a minute better than my race on Oct 14th . We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner at mom's and went to my house later that evening to watch the Chiefs game. We watched about 1 quarter then trekked off to Best Buy to wait in line for Black Friday. We were just as far back this year as we were last year at midnight (about 90th in line). Amazingly I was able to stay awake most of the night with the help of my two brothers Brent and Kirk. When 3 a.m. rolled around the Best Buy people came out and started throwing out t-shirts and told us to line up in a single file line. By the time the personal shoppers from BB came to us, most of what we wanted was sold out. I was checked out by 5 after 5 with a two mp3 players and a Samsung mini-dv camcorder that I got for 129.99. Came home at 6 and crashed because I was exhausted. Went to Silver Dollar City Friday night for the Christmas lights and other activities. The weather was so warm that many of the rides were still open and we partook. This morning I got up early and met some guys at Panera bread near MSU and ran 8 miles with them. It was the longest I had ever run without stopping. I'm feeling very encouraged by my progress. Here is hoping my knee stays healthy.


rob horton said...

Cool to hear of your progress my bro.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Frank on the 5K and the 8-mile run!! Shave a couple more minutes or so off your time and you'll be able to beat the governor!!