Friday, April 18, 2008

Running plans

From my journaling- I am stuck at 177 right now and would like to get my weight to 160, but I just haven't had the discipline or imagination to get it there. I am comfortable at 177 but I want to be lighter to prevent knee injuries from running. I am planning to run the Bass Pro full marathon this year so I have to make some changes. One change would be to stop eating after 7 at night. That one seems impossible. Thinking about the marathon, I wonder if I can run that far. I think that with the right amount of training I can probably do it.

I ran 3 miles with Patrick yesterday at the Nixa High School track with a strong head wind into our face for one side of the track. Patrick and I are planning on running three days a week together as he prepares for the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon in June. I have about 28 weeks to prepare for the marathon. The summer months can be the most difficult as it gets hot.

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